View Into the Craft – Artist Talk at Sparks Gallery

View Into the Craft – Artist Talk at Sparks Gallery

I recently heard someone explain that the difference between art and craft is that art is the finished work, and craft is the process. Even though we enjoy an artist’s finish product, rarely do we, as outsiders, get to see the craft and all an artist goes through to get to the piece we see displayed.

That’s what is great about artist talks, having the privilege to hear the about process, struggles and successes.  Many times we learn something surprising, like how long it may really take to get to the finished piece or what they had to go through physically and emotionally to come up with the original idea.
Brady Willmott and Emily Knapp
The artist talk at Sparks Gallery on April 13th, featured three artists Michelle Kurtis Cole, Michael Carini and Brady Willmott, who are all part of the current group show “Edge Of The Ocean”. The group also got an unscheduled bonus in hearing artist Alex Arshansky talk about his new work for the group show. The talk was hosted by Emily Knapp who did a great job in making the talks entertaining and keeping the audience involved.
Artist Michelle Kurtis Cole
In her talk, Michelle spoke of her glass making process and what she goes through to complete a piece, from color creation to shaping and the finishing process.
Artist Michael Carini
Michael gave insights to his motivation, how his current work came about and some special work he has coming in the near future.
Artist Brady Willmott
Brady told of his childhood (his parents were present) and his early influences that grew into the style he employs today.
Artist Alex Arshansky

Alex explained his latest ideas and how his art is evolving.

It was a great evening and everyone who attended left with a greater appreciation for these artists and their craft. Keep an eye out for these Thursday talks and make the trip downtown. It really is worth it.

Michelle Kurtis Cole

Michael Carini

Brady Willmott

Alex Arshansky
Sparks Gallery
530 Sixth Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 696-1416
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