Today is Slow Art Day

Today is Slow Art Day

Today is Slow Art Day, and there is one local San Diego gallery participating. This is the eighth year for the event that event reminds us that it is important to spend more quality time with the art we visit, especially the ones that resonate with us.

The idea behind the event is to visit a museum or gallery, take some time with art, to really look at a piece and get intimate with what it says to you, and then share your experience with others. This not a new concept for people who spend quite a bit of time thinking about and contemplating art, but it is a nice reminder when we are going to events and spend time with friends that we can take a little bit of extra time to think about what you are looking at and then share your experience.

So, no matter where you end up this weekend, and there are always a number of events, find something that catches your eye and spend some time with it. You may come to find that a piece at that seemed good at first glance becomes even more.

Click here to visit the Emerald C Gallery Website.

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