The Harmony of Materialized Meditations

The Harmony of Materialized Meditations

“Recollecting Thought” by Matthew Agcolicol

The exhibition “Materialized Meditations” by Matthew Agcolicol, shown at VISUAL in North Park, is a cohesive grouping of style and graceful design.  There are flowing lines, weaving in and out, building on each other and then receding into infinity.

The pieces with single subjects have a graceful, natural organic feel.  They work well on their own, and, set against a white background, they float like a cosmic flower.

“Meditation Aqua Deux” by Matthew Agcolicol

Other pieces have the theme of interaction, where two entities are reacting to each other and the effect of the interplay is electric.

“Elemental Presence” by Matthew Agcolicol

Still others look like the result of galactic interaction, where something larger has emerged out of the combination of multiple linear forms.

“One Second Release” by Matthew Agcolicol

This work is built on forms of concentric lines creating leaves of a flower of harmony and meditation.  The effect is relaxing, mesmerizing and seductive.  One could gaze over these paintings for a long time, pondering substance and meaning.  Intensity of color is here too, advancing boldly out of the frame, but not threatening.  We can let it wash over us and contemplate its meaning.  

“Recollecting Thought” by Matthew Agcolicol

VISUAL again has succeeded in showcasing a great talent.  Mr. Agcolicol work is worth experiencing and collecting.  Contact VISUAL for information on acquiring the artwork, and, if you are an artist, their extensive line of supplies.

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