Local Arts Organizations Announce Scholarship Program for Emerging Artists

Local Arts Organizations Announce Scholarship Program for Emerging Artists

Mission Federal ArtWalk, San Diego Visual Arts Network and The Studio Door have announced a unique opportunity for local artists with this year’s The Business of Art scholarship in conjunction with the 33rd Annual Mission Federal ArtWalk in Little Italy held on April 29 and 30.

The Business of Art scholarship is awarded to one lucky art student or emerging artist who has a body of work to showcase and is interested in selling their artwork. The scholarship includes a booth at the prestigious art festival, professional development throughout 2017, and an impressive marketing package.

The recipient will follow in the footsteps of local photography artist Lucia Ferreira Litowtschenko, who was chosen for the scholarship last year.

The Studio Door is new to the collaboration of arts organizations behind The Business of Art scholarship.  The North Park art gallery and studios is a natural fit as it offers opportunities for artists to engage in professional development, exhibitions, and creative workshops.  Owner Patric Stillman will provide the mentorship for the scholarship.  His own work has been exhibited at Musée du Louvre – Paris, SCOPE Miami Beach, and across Southern California. In the April/May 2016 issue of Professional Artist magazine, Stillman was named US Mentor of the Year for his incubator lab workshops.

“This is such a fantastic opportunity for artists who want to engage in creative commerce,” said Stillman. “The whole package that The Business of Art scholarship offers is the type of platform that can really help establish an exciting career path for an emerging artist.  I only wish I had professionals to help guide me through the realities of the art world when I was starting.”

Complete details for The Business of Art scholarship can be found online at http://thestudiodoor.com/?page_id=5506. Applications are being accepted though February 10, 2017.  Interested artists are encouraged to apply and take the next step to navigate the complex art industry while participating in this year’s Mission Federal ArtWalk.

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