Galactic Pleasures is a Cosmic Delight

Galactic Pleasures is a Cosmic Delight

I love 50s and 60s science fiction, steampunk, and the unusual, so I was right at home with Galactic Pleasures, the current exhibition at The Studio Door. The paintings, sculptures and multimedia works capture the feeling of otherworldly dominions,  fantastically imagined places and people that never existed, but we wish they did.

“A celebration of artwork powered by the imagination of art and science. GALACTIC PLEASURES is an exhibition of works exploring the future, science, science fiction, fantasy and steampunk.”
      ~From The Studio Door website

The show is an alternate reality, showing the possibilities of the future and the “what might have been”.  These works offer us another time from alternate worlds as well as a views out the windows of the spaceship of our imagination.  The environments move from the realistic to the abstract, from the recognizable to the alien.  There are cosmic children of beauty–with a hint of danger–to alien beings with unrecognizable intentions.



Some pieces make us wonder and ask us to use our imagination, while others amuse and give us hope.  There are black-and-white creatures clinging to a wall like intergalactic mollusks clutching to the side of space vessel, strange machines with unknown purpose, and clothing to protect the wearer from some yet explored alien environment.


The featured artist Ramona Szczerba’s works are illustrations of a society, perhaps of a bygone era, where people are surrounded by the familiar in unfamiliar conditions.  This is a world that are inhabited by people that are comfortable in the most unusual circumstances.  You will find familiar creatures that are delightfully cared for and sometimes a constant companion of the fascinating humans.  Fanciful stories and histories are provided for many of the pieces, which adds to the experience.


Ride whatever vehicle you have, whether it be rocket propelled, powered by a distant sun, or some other space-age technology, to the exhibition before it ends September 25th, 2016.  It would be an astronomical disappointment for a lover of modern art to miss this show.

Brian Baxter, September 15, 2016

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