Contemporary Contributions

Contemporary Contributions


It is possible that we could look back on the mid-to-late 2010s as one of the most important periods for modern art in San Diego. We now stand at the onset of uncertainty and change that will drive art expression for years to come. As we have seen in the past, In response to the recent events, artists will inevitably be inspired to create impassioned art that reflects the sentiment, mood and scenes of this time.


The exhibition Contribution, that debuted at City Gallery at San Diego City College just four days before the election, will stand as a document of the artists in the forefront of the urban contemporary art scene. The works that are shown here reflect the present and will serve as a foundation of the future.


The show had an exceptional opening with a packed gallery and live painting and music just outside. The mood was high with the celebration and appreciation of all the work that had gone into this show. There was nothing here that didn’t make you stop and study marvel. This was the best that contemporary art in San Diego has to offer.


The sometimes incomprehensible words critics use to describe modern art won’t work here, and words like “bold”, “edgy”, “unsettling”, “fearless” and “confident” only start to portray the works. The ample space for larger installations gave big ideas room to permeate. Keeping the large area in the middle of the gallery open was a smart decision and helped to emphasize the importance of the 3D pieces throughout.


The exhibition will be on display until 12/15/2016, so you have a few weeks to see before it becomes legend. City Gallery is in Room AH 314 at San Diego City College, 1508 C Street, San Diego, CA 92101. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Thursday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, or by appointment.


The artist in included in the exhibition are: Acamonchi. Bakula. Brise Birdsong. Brisk One. Buffalo the Man. David Peña. Dolan Stearns. eyegato. Gane. Jason Gould. Jorge Gutierrez. Keemowerks. kurznachzehn. Laurie Nasica. Maxx Moses. Melissa Walter. Mike Maxwell. Nekoes. Nicholas Danger. Ricardo Islas. robyko. Saratoga Sake. Surge. Zard One

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