Artists of KAABOO 2017 Part 5: Melissa Walter

Artists of KAABOO 2017 Part 5: Melissa Walter

Melissa Walter – Photo by Barbarella Fokos

For our 5th installment we highlight Melissa Water.  Melissa uses a variety of tools, mediums and techniques to help bring about visual representations of astronomical and astrophysical theories. Her smart use of space and materials in her residencies at bread and salt and 1805 galleries produced stunning sculptural pieces.

Detail of “Gravitational Lensing” – Installation at Bread & Salt, 2017 by Melissa Walter – Photo by Michael Andrew


“Dark Energy” – Installation at 1805 Gallery, 2017 by Melissa Walter – Photo by Melissa Walter

She also creates works using paper, ink and hand embossing techniques. At first glance these pieces seem orderly and symmetrical, but if you spend some time with them you start to see the randomness in the detail, adding richness and life.

“Torus” – Ink on Hand-embossed Paper, 2017 by Melissa Watler – Photo by Melissa Walter


“Messier 51” – Hand-embossed Paper, 2017 by Melissa Walter – Photo by Melissa Walter

Using Sound and Lighting Melissa has also created engaging sculptural multimedia pieces.

“The Immaculate Conception of the Multiverse” – Visual Work by Melissa Walter – Audio Work by Nick Lesley – Photo by Michael Andrew

If all that is not enough she is also an illustrator for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory

“Illustration of Older Sun-like Star” credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss

This year Melissa will be demonstrating hand embossing at KAABOO Del Mar, where you can see firsthand how she brings conceptual theories to life.

Stop by and say hi to Melissa in the Artwork gallery. Oh, and you can now safely ask her what her favorite musical artist of all time is.

Brian Baxter
September 9, 2017

Melissa Water
Also, look for the upcoming documentary on Melissa by the good folks at The Artist Odyssey

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