Artists of KAABOO 2017 Part 4: Nick McPherson

Artists of KAABOO 2017 Part 4: Nick McPherson

Nick McPherson – Photo: Nick McPherson

KAABOO is only a week away, and we still have a few spotlights to cast.  This time the spotlight is on Nick McPherson, a.k.a. Nicholas Danger.  Nick is an “Artist and Illustrator raised in Texas and currently making stuff in Southern California.

Solana Beach – Photo by Nick McPherson

Known for his distinctive style, he creates murals, paintings, illustrations, designs and, famously, his “poortraits”, illustrations on found photography that are creative, hilarious, sometimes disturbing, but always entertaining. Check out his book of them on his online store and his postings on Instagram.

Nick McPherson – Click the photo to see the post in Instagram


Nick McPherson – Click the photo to see the post in Instagram

Here is what Nick has to say about this year’s KAABOO:

I am really excited about Kaaboo!  This year I will be featuring a collection of custom canvas flags that I have been working on the past year. I will also be painting live at my wall and as well as with Visual Gallery. Last year I got a lot of good response from people watching me create larger pieces during the festival. They would leave and come back and see the progress, and I have seen more and more that people like to see art actually being made and in a way it makes them part of the process. I will also have a new sticker vending machine that will contain stickers from various featured artist at Kaaboo and many other artists from the San Diego, so original stickers from some of the most talented people in town will only be $1!  I think what is great about the art hall at Kaaboo is that is gets some great talent in front of a fresh crowd of people and it  makes the art more accessible to people who might have not been to a gallery show.

Flophouse Hawaii by Nick McPherson

Be sure to stop by and see Nick’s awesome work, and maybe pick up sticker or ten.

Brian Baxter
September 8, 2017

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