Artists of KAABOO 2017 Part 2: Carly Ealey

Artists of KAABOO 2017 Part 2: Carly Ealey

Carly Ealey at KAABOO 2016 – Photo by Cory Martin

KAABOO is going to be big this year for Carly Ealey. Literally. She will be creating the largest mural on a permanent structure located at the Trestles stage. Not only that, but it will be facing the existing mural by Wyland, her childhood artist hero. Carly’s mural this year will be “underwater inspired with beautiful mermaids peering out at the audience”.

“Immersed” by Carly Ealey – Photo by Jeremy Filmsmore

She will also have work in the gallery that echoes her mural work; “a couple of special pieces that are essentially paintings on wood cutouts, resembling the mermaids in the mural”.

“Floating Habitats” by Carly Ealey – Mixed Media on Wood

Carly prefers acrylic ink on wood panels when painting small, and a combination of paint and spray paint when working on large-scale murals. Carly is passionate about the ocean and has participated in and produced mural festivals for PangeaSeed Foundation’s Sea Walls in collaboration with her artist organization, Cohort Collective.
~From Carly Ealey’s Bio on the KAABOO Featured Artist Page

Not only is Carly a muralist, but she is also a fine artist, photographer, and writer “with a few hundred other secret talents”. She often combines these talents to great effect. Her work is stunning and engaging, often featuring women that reflect confidence that is appealing and seductive.

Mural at The Container Yard Downtown Los Angeles by Carly Ealey

She also incorporates celestial objects, sea creatures and symbols to not only create an ethereal ambiance, but also to create engaging scenes that pull the viewer in, allowing them to easily connect to her worlds.

Carly Ealey at KAABOO 2016 – Photo by Cory Martin

We’re excited to see what Carly has in store for us this year. One thing is certain — it’s going to be big.

Brian Baxter
August 29, 2017

Carly Ealey

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